10 Questions with Roscoe, NY

1. Tell us about Roscoe, NY and why you consider your town the Ultimate Fishing Town.

Roscoe is located at the gateway to New York’s 300,000-acre Catskill Park and is surrounded by 20,000 acres of State Forest Preserve. The area is blessed with easily accessible pristine rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and five (5) of America’s top trout streams, thus earning it the title of “Trout Town USA”. The Beaverkill River and Willowemoc Creek are world-renowned, meeting in the legendary Junction Pool. These waters are deep in history, as fly fishing luminaries gave American Dry Fly Fishing its birth here. The Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum is stocked with momentos of this history.

Still water anglers enjoy their sport at the area’s lakes and large reservoirs, frequently turning up trophies year-round. Drift boating is popular on the East/West Branches and Main Stem of the Delaware. Ice fishing is popular in the winter. The diversification of fishing experiences around Roscoe provides interesting and intriguing angling opportunities to our residents and guests alike.

In addition to the great fishing, a strong variety of outdoor activities are available in and around Roscoe year-round – including camping, hiking, hunting, golfing, snowmobiling, etc. All of this, packaged within a warm, friendly and welcoming community makes Roscoe the Ultimate Fishing Town!!

2. How will winning the $25,000 donation help Roscoe, NY? What causes or projects will you used the donation for? Please provide examples and photos.

Roscoe will use the $25,000 donation in several ways. The first will be to continue to improve the accessibility of our fishing locations. Roscoe’s Riverside Park will be connected to Junction Pool via a pedestrian walkway bridge – a project that has been in planning for two years. Also, we recently completed a fishing ramp to improve accessibility to the Willowemoc, and are pursuing additional locations to make it easier for folks to get into or close to the river.

Secondly, we will development educational programs for our children and youth, partnering with other organizations. These programs will address a full slate of fishing varieties – in area lakes, ponds, and rivers. The intent of these programs is to help kids appreciate the great outdoors. As a town that is dependent on fishing and tourism for much of its economy, it is important that the sport does not lose its attraction to the younger generations.

Thirdly, we will review our stocking practices to identify additional opportunities to introduce more fish to our waters, when appropriate. The Department of Environmental Conservation currently stocks our waters. The Roscoe Chamber augments this with a spring stocking. Our analysis will determine whether fall fishing should be pursued, or our current spring stocking increased. This award will help defray those costs.

3. Besides the $25,000 community donation, how do you think winning WFN’s Ultimate Fishing Town will impact your town?

Roscoe, our neighboring communities, and the entire county consistently pulled together in this contest to support us in a manner that was inspiring and heartwarming. Perhaps the greatest example is when a severe storm knocked out electricity and Internet for many residents in Roscoe and the surrounding towns for several days near the end of the contest. Those folks who had not been impacted by the storm welcomed other voters into their homes, to make sure they could get their votes input and counted. It was clear that all felt a strong connection to the contest, and to Roscoe and the surrounding areas.

4. Roscoe, NY is a relatively small town. How did you promote your town during the Ultimate Fishing Town to help gain awareness and supporters?

Yes --- we are a very small town, with only 600 residents. Yet we received 267,435 votes for the title of the Ultimate Fishing Town, USA. It was really a grassroots effort in the community that made people aware of the contest and got them involved, starting with the nomination phase. Residents, businesses, families, friends, colleagues, second homeowners, and visitors all passed the word --- both verbally and through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The local media was very active in making sure the word got out and continued to be reinforced. Banners were around the town, and emails frequently reminded folks of this great opportunity for the town they love.

5. How important was it to involve your local media during the nomination and voting periods?

It was extremely important to have our local media involved --- press, radio and television. Their ability to access a large group of people made a dramatic difference in keeping the message out there to “vote early and often”.

6. What was the towns’ reaction when you were crowned WFN’s Ultimate Fishing Town?

Roscoe was and continues to be ecstatic, proud, and humbled by this clear demonstration of support. Wherever you go, everyday, it continues to be the Number 1 topic of conversation, with folks congratulating each other and thanking each other. There has been nothing but positive vibes --- and folks have quickly added the “Ultimate Fishing Town -- to “Trout Town USA” when they talk about Roscoe.

7. Has the Ultimate Fishing Town brought your town closer together?

Absolutely!!! It has not only brought the town closer together, but also the county and beyond. We view this as a win for everyone, not just Roscoe.

8. Would your town participate in this contest again? If so, would you do anything differently now that you have been through it already?

We would be happy and proud to participate again. We would do things very similarly, and just invite more folks to become involved. And we would also try not to have the electric go out next time!!!

9. What makes Roscoe, NY such a great Ultimate Fishing Town compared to others around you?

There are a lot of beautiful areas in the Catskills, and Roscoe is one of them. However, our unique history of fishing, our local museum dedicated to fly-fishing, our world renowned rivers and streams, and a strong network of shops supporting the sport of fishing, local guides, etc., all make us stand out. Add to that the community spirit and we truly shine.

10. What would be your best advice for new towns entering WFN’s Ultimate Fishing Town for the first time?

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Invite everyone to be part of this exciting event and spread the word as often as possible.

Roscoe, NY named 2011 WFN: World Fishing Network's Ultimate Fishing Town USA Presented by Eagle Claw

After More Than One Million Votes Were Cast, Roscoe, NY Edges Waddington, NY For Title and $25,000 Grand Prize

TORONTO, ON - JUNE 6, 2011 - Although New York is best known for the theatre, fine restaurants and the world-class nightlife, it is also a great place to wet a line. In fact, after anglers cast more than one million online votes at www.wfnfishingtown.com, Roscoe, NY has been selected as the 2011 WFN: World Fishing Network's Ultimate Fishing Town USA Presented by Eagle Claw. The announcement was made by Mark Rubinstein, President and CEO of World Fishing Network, North America's only 24/7 fishing channel.

Representatives from The Roscoe - Rockland Chamber of Commerce will receive a $25,000 donation to be used towards a fishing-related cause and 10 WaveSpin Reels at a local ceremony emceed by Mariko Izumi, host of WFN's popular fishing and travel show Hookin' Up. The town will also receive national recognition from the honor and have a feature produced about fishing in Roscoe to air on WFN.

"We are so proud and thrilled to receive the title of WFN Ultimate Fishing Town USA," said Elaine Fettig of The Roscoe - Rockland Chamber of Commerce, the group who spearheaded the town's efforts. "This experience brought our community and the surrounding areas together -- from folks spreading the word about the contest; to the media speaking about it frequently; to business owners allowing staff to vote during the business day. We look forward to the opportunities this award will provide to Roscoe, and we thank WFN for bringing our community together in support of a common goal."

Roscoe, N.Y., also known as "Trout Town USA", is a small hamlet of about 600 people with such a strong fishing history that it has been known as Trout Town USA for decades. Its choice natural setting offers anglers five of America's top trout streams and numerous reservoirs and lakes. It is conveniently located approximately two hours from New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey at the gateway to the Catskill Park and surrounded by over 20,000 acres of State Forest Preserve. In addition to world class fishing there are a significant number of cultural and other attractions nearby as well, from the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on the former site of the Woodstock Festival to museums, covered bridges, arts societies, fine shops and more.

After more than 300 towns all across the U.S.A. were nominated in March, a preliminary round of voting in April narrowed the field to 20 finalists. The competition quickly became a two town race as Roscoe and Waddington, N.Y. traded places atop the leader board. In the end, Roscoe edged Waddington by a small margin.

"We commend all of the towns for their enthusiasm, passion and pride and wanting to invite anglers all across the U.S.A. to experience everything their town has to offer," said Mr. Rubinstein. "WFN's search for our Ultimate Fishing Town was not just about finding the place to catch the most fish. As any angler will tell you, and as Roscoe proved, the people are just as important a factor. Roscoe's passionate angling community stepped-up to prove that their pride, passion and fishing are second to none."

As the runner-up, Waddington, NY will be awarded $5,000 while the third place finisher, Baudette, MN will receive $2,500.

Click here for the order of finish for the Top 20 finalists.

The promotion is being supported by Eagle Claw, proud manufacturers of fishing gear and tackle in the USA since 1925 and WaveSpin Reels, the only reel with a tangle-free guarantee. Charter Communications, Knology and AT&T u-verse also provided promotional support in select markets.

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